As a Christmas gift I got a new chef knife.  This was some time ago but I finally got to really work with it and I have begun to figure out how I feel about it.  Just some background information. Hammer Stahl is a company that uses German Steel blades that is then shipped to China so that the handles can be assembled and then the knives can be distributed.  This knife is different then the one I received in my school issued knife kit.  My school issued knife is a mock of a Wustoff which is also a German Steel knife.  The difference between that knife and the Hammer Stahl is that my school issued knife is made in China.

Weight: This knife is a very heavy tool.  The blade itself is actually quite light, but the handle itself weighs quite a lot.  For chefs that like to use heavier tools I would recommend it.  It is a very sturdy tool as well.
Design/Appearance:  The handle has a gorgeous inlay of wood.  It doesn’t absorb anything but I still recommend washing it by hand.
Edge:  I have only sharpened it once, but from my few uses it seems that the edge has held up well.  I will do an updated post once I get more use out of the knife.
Handle/Feel:  The handle has a great design.  It feels very natural in your hand and the wood and metal is smooth and seamless.  The handle is the heaviest part of the knife and I don’t particularly like the feeling of the hilt.

Overall: For the price it is an excellent knife.  It is very sturdy and a heavy tool.  The edge seems to stay sharp and it has a gorgeous appearance.  I would recommend this knife to any chef or kitchen!