Today I completed my second week of modern banquets cookery.  We have really jumped into the buffet portion of the class.  The amount of food that we make each day is still the same but the techniques for cooking it are somewhat different.  For example, when we cooked vegetables for plated service we usually cooked them to order whereas now we just cook all the vegetables off ahead of time and bring them out to service as needed.

My personal performance in class has been improving each day.  Timeliness has never been an issue.  What is really getting my each day is stupid mistakes.  I had one day in class where I did not have my ice bath to shock my cooked vegetables.  Chef saw my mistake and made sure to comment on it.  That is one of the reasons I enjoy this class so much.  I don’t get to cut corners and I have to practice the right procedures on a daily basis.

I had quite a gratifying evaluation from Chef today.  Myself and a friend both had done excellent in our daily grade.  This means our food was cooked and seasoned well, we were on time, our station was clean and several other aspects that make up our daily grade.  Excellence is earned by students who show superior quality products and procedures.  It usually equates to getting and A.

I had been doing well in class but I really didn’t have that many “excellent’s” under my belt.  I really enjoyed hearing that I had done so well today.  My group and I were not the only ones who received praise.

During our class debriefing, where we discuss our overall performance for the the and the menu for the day to come, the chef commented about how our performance as a class has been superior to many of the classes he has recently taught.  We are dedicated quick thinkers that get the job done well.  Chef said that “It actually feels like [I] am teaching again, rather than just being a drill sergeant.”