Today was my first day on meat section.  I was introduced to the new prep items by Brendan, the same gent from fish.  I started off by making a puree of butternut squash.  This consisted of only two ingredients: squash
and butter.  The result is a super rich, vibrant orange puree that is sweet and almost nutty.  Next I sliced and  cooked celeriac for ravioli.  The restaraunt has an vegetarian entree option that is open face ravioli.  The skin is two lightly poached, thinly sliced pieces of celeriac.  Its filling is a mixture of cauliflower, shallots and cream.  My next task was to chiffonade some parsley.  Both meat and fish section use the same selection of fresh herbs.  I also did some minced chive as well.  It was nearing service time so I helped them by making some mash potatoes.  I will say that the combination of Irish potatoes and dairy makes some of the best tasting mashed I have ever had.  Shortly after I did standard breading procedure for black pudding croquettes.  This involved lightly dusting the sausages in flour and then washing them with egg and rolling them in bread crumbs.  Once I completed that task I took my break

Upon my return I peeled some potatoes for next days service.  I was pretty caught up on prep for the station so I offered to help fish section.  They had me clean some prawns. 
My last task was to vac pack a few items.  The braised beef cheeks were cool so I did those first.  Afterwards I bagged and sealed a butternut puree and a parsnip puree.  We were looking pretty good for tomorrow so they sent me home.