This was my first full day on the section.  I came in for the AM shift and began my prep.  I had made a basic mirepoix mix the night prior for beef cheek marinade.  It still needed a few more ingredients so I finished it by chopping garlic.  I set that aside because we were still waiting on the protien to arrive.  Next, I setup the potatoes for mash in the steamer and made a cream and butter mixture.  Once they were cooked I milled and seasoned them.  It was getting close to service so I setup the station and began getting ready for service.  We started slow so I helped finish some more prep by chopping a few butternut squashes. 

Service followed swiftly.  My supervisor, Mary, was working on the station as well.  She was in charge of teaching me the dishes.  I only have about four items during lunch service so I caught on very fast.  Meat section is tasked with seared chicken breast, daube of beef, risotto as well as vegetable sides for both fish and meat.  Compared to my first day on fish I had an excellent performance.  I missed a few items here and there but my organization and timing were solid.  I had a great time and really felt like I was doing a fine job.  Unfortunatly it was over before I knew it.  By the time I had broken down and reset the section it was time for me to go.