I arrived early to both my section partners chugging away with prep.  The meat section demi chefs left the station in a very poor state and as a result we have been playing catch up all week.  I did the usual.  I threw my potatoes in the steamer and began to gather my mise en place and equipment for the section.  The kitchen was pretty packed with over 10 chefs on deck.  Breakfast service was weeded and my partners ended up spending their morning help them dig out.  I was working with Mary again.  The executive chef was working the pass and calling tickets so we had to be on our A game. 

It was an average day with a massive early push near the start.  We got hit with a spread of our menu items making service fast paced and interesting.  I had a few slip ups but I felt pretty good about everything.  I have noticed that I need to move faster on the station.  Mary is constantly giving me three and four tasks to do at once and by the time I complete a few she’s asking for the other items.  My overall presence on the line has increased and I am much more confident with the steps and intricacies of service.  I am remaining on this station for a while so I am excited to see what other growth I will experience.