I was still on the AM shift for meat section.  When I walked in breakfast was in a frenzy.
I started to get my section setup but it was far to busy.  I threw some potatoes in the oven for mash and then helped my partners with a few small tasks.  Things started to die down around half 10.  At this point I began my setup.  I continued to help prep after.  Service started around half 12 and we got slammed with the first lunch rush.  We opened up the menu to allow a venison dish.  This resulted in an even heavier load on the station.  Around half two everything began to simmer down.  Tickets casually rolled in and I worked the section solo.  We had two super late tables so I didn’t get to do my breakdown until half five.

Based on her overall tone I was given the impression that Mary, my section partner, was not pleased with my performance.  I personally thought I did alright.  The exective chef was asking for things here and there but compared to fish, who was getting ridden, we were doing fine.  I will never talk back in a kitchen to any superior but I really wanted to tell Mary that getting flustered does nothing to help service along.  We cleanly served over 100 people smoothly.  I work meat again tomorrow and I look forward to it.