The cover count was looking pretty small for the day.  I came in and gathered my mise en place for service.  I followed it by setting up my starches and then jumped on prep.  I threw on a large batch of chicken stock for the kitchen and then began slicing onions.  I was also tasked with making an onion broth, which is essentially strained French onion soup made with chicken stock.  There is an addition of onion brule which helps enrich the color and flavor of the broth.  Afterwards I jumped on searing off a few chicken breasts to make service easier.  I then finished my section setup by reheating sauces and purees as well as finishing my mashed potatoes and panning up the remaining starch.  Half an hour before service, Chef held our daily briefing and went over a few training items.

Service started slow with tickets casually rolling in.  I had both braised beef cheek as well as chicken coming off my section.  Both dishes are equally popular so I was kept busy.  Brendan was working the pass again today and service breezed by.

Meat section is a simple station that requires good mental organization and speed.  After many days working it, I have determined it is leaps and bounds easier than fish section.  Rather than worrying about timing items, meat is really just a matter of properly cooking or picking up items.  I find it fun and during a busy night I’m certain it would be excellent.  I am reverting back go fish for a few days after my days off.  For the remainder of my stay I will be splitting my time between both sections.