I started back on fish station.  When I arrived I checked our prep list and then made soup.  I decided on a cream of celeriac soup with truffle oil.  While the soup was cooking down I started on making the daily compressed pickles.  Afterwards I made tomato petals for tomato concasse.  The next thing on the list was to wash spinach for service.  Just after getting this done one of the commis walked in.  He began the station setup while i cleaned samphire.  Service began but I was kept on prep so I prepped and blanched a couple of kilos of green beans.  Afterwards I picked shellfish.  Service had just started winding down and I was asked to make some more pickles.  I quickly diced a few apples and compressed them for service.  Dinner began and I continued prep.  I peeled and compressed some red baby beets and then moved on to prep livers for the parfait.  I cleaned the livers and then marinated them in sugar, curing salt and white port.  I ended my night by cutting some smoked salmon and cod for chowder.  The wrapped up by bavging a handful of various items.