I started my day early on fish.  As soon as I arrived I compressed apples and cucumbers for service.  I also setup my soup which was a creamed sweet potato.  While the soup was simmering I cooked off cockles and mussels and then chilled them down.  I had forgotten to make the compressed fennel so I quickly sliced and bagged that as well.  Shortly after, I made juillenne apples for salad.  The section was low on celeriac remoulade so that was the next task.  During lunch service the prep work continued.  I juiced some beets and carrorts for pickle brines and then I sliced smoked salmon for appetizers.  Lunch service was busy and ended quick.  While the section was getting reset for dinner I prepped out some Jeruselem artichokes for a puree.  They take a while to cook out so I picked some crab and made crab mix as well.  I concluded my day by helping organize the walk in and then bagging extra items to be frozen.