My third week has been, the most productive by far! Probably most exciting is that David and I finished edits on my food philosophy. Monday was sunny but cold and we spent the morning with David’s neighbor, Dave. To make things easy we call him the maple syrup guy. We spent an hour discussing his most recent trip to California as well as the progress hes making with his sugar maples. Since it was too cold to melt the snow, we spent the day running errands in town. One of which included going to pick up David’s truck from the shop and I made a wonderful tomato sauce (check back this week for recipe). Tuesday climate was identical. I spent much of my day reading one of David’s manuscripts about the history of his family. It was a great story about “living life as art and art as life”. Birte, the newest intern, also arrived and spent time catching up with David as I attended another discussion about the book Democracy in Chains.

Wednesday proved to be disappointing as we received eight inches of snow, supposedly the largest storm of winter, spring. I spent the next day shoveling snow off the pea trellis so we could have the ground thawed later in the week. I met another one of the neighbors who has asked me to help cater an event shes hosting in early June. We went to town to buy some farm supplies and when I got home I prepared some vegetarian chili for Korbin. Check out how that night went. Friday was very hospitable and we used the time to transplant nearly all of the brassica varieties. We spent the night, after a fairly long day, enjoying a dinner of curry made by David.

We spent the following day finishing up the rest of the transplanting. Once finished David ran off to the local film festival and I stayed behind to catch up on some garden clean up. I managed to clear out the tomato trellises as well as the beans. I finished my evening by cutting down the rest of the tall grasses around the farm. Sunday turned out to be fabulous. We had full sun and temperatures in the high sixties.  Birte and I spent about seven hours in the garden. I managed to finish cleaning off the rest of the bean poles. I took down some bean tepees, pulled out many wheelbarrows worth of dead plants and then cleaned the perimeter fences of vines. By the end of the day Birte and I had managed to complete about 80% of the work in the garden. Next week Ellis, the final helper, will arrive and things will jump into full swing. Hope to see you back then!