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August 2018

Goodbye .wordpress, hello .com

Final posting here at the old P&P blog. We will be disconnecting this site from social media as well. Although those of you who follow us via those methods won’t see an interruption of posts.

New post here!

New wed address is

Final Day for this Version of P&P

As many of you are aware today is the final day for the migration of the blog. All the content has been transfered to the new one and now we are officially moved. After today we will no longer use this version of P&P to post. Everything will come exclusively from the new web address, here.

This version will remain active for another month, maybe less until we ensure everything has transfered. But again, please note that it will not feature any new content. For those you who follow P&P via social media such as twitter or facebook, there will be no interruption for you because we have already integrated the new version into those platforms. Those subscribing through wordpress or email will have to now re-sub through one of the aforementioned mediums or re-sub via email or wordpress account on the new site.

One of our focuses has been improving our search engine optimization. Now you can easily find P&P simply through using google. If that doesn’t work, the formal address is There will be a featured post later today and we will notify you of that here as a final post. Looking forward to seeing you at our new home. Thank you for your support!

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