You provide the food and I will provide the perspective." – Anton Ego, 2007



Misson page now live!

Check it out here. Thank you all for making P&P possible!

Thank You for your Support and Feedback!

I wanted to personally thank everyone for their ongoing support. The numbers for Pans and Perspective are on the rise and the feedback is more responsive each day. Those of you being drawn by the Pepperfield Project facebook page, I encourage you to extend your support from Pepperfield to me, please review some of the ways you can do that in by reading this post. I hope to see more discussion on posts; I have made commenting easier by removing some of the limitations for first time posters and also have changed the comment threshold to only require and email and name (more info is always welcome though!) rather than signing up through wordpress.

Months ago, prior to the presidential election I deleted my facebook account. I have a myriad of reasons, some of which were proved accurate when the Cambrige analytica scandal surfaced, and felt it best to remove myself from social media. I haven’t missed it at all but I have realized that it is the superior tool for, as the name implies, networking and publicizing. I have now re-created a facebook account only for facebook page management. The Nathan J. Buckley page is now live again and is linked to post through wordpress. Additionally, I have joined the twitter force for similar reasons. All account information can be found under the Contact Page, along with some supplemental information for further inquiries.

Lastly, P&P’s numbers originate from two sets of viewers. First timers and recurring visitors. I hope to increase these numbers significantly. One way you can help support P&P further is to subscribe so that you will be notified when I post. I know people are hesitant about spam email and giving away sensitive data but I can personally assure you neither of these are an issue (If you are still concerned, I understand, but I would encourage you to check back weekly because content is constantly being uploaded!). There are a few ways to remain connected to P&P: like the facebook page, follow us on twitter or subscribe via email. I have included a quick tutorial infographic below that will detail the email subscription process. It isn’t difficult but the placement of the button can be somewhat inconspicuous, especially to those first time visitors.

Again, I want to thoroughly thank each and everyone of you who have taken time from your busy schedule to see what is going on in my life. Collaboration is in the near future for P&P, I am waiting to hear back from a new potential team member and have started to make requests for collaborations between other food writers as well. Please feel free to contact me through any means with questions or comments, it helps let me know that you, the reader, are engaged! Acquiring a proper domain name, rather than sub-hosting through wordpress, is also on the agenda but at this stage in my career the funds aren’t quite accessible. Nevertheless I am optimistic about the my future and that of P&P. As always, please share P&P, through any medium, with your friends and family. There is a wide variety of content that covers a diverse spread of topics, not just food! I hope to bring you back each week with interesting content of the world of food.

With sincere gratitude,

Nathan J. Buckley

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2018 Photo Gallery in Progress

Please frequently check the 2018 Gallery to see the recent happenings of this year.  Content will be updated regularly and will expand on some of the pictures found in the posts!


I would ask that you share these posts with people who might find them interesting – even those who won’t – so I can begin to develop a following.  My content will range from recipes to light photo journalism as well as articles and vignettes covering food and topics far beyond.  I plan to develop this blog further than I have ever previously, but I need your help to do so.  To those who have made my acquaintance: I’d like to say thank you for the years of support you have given, as well as the support you will continue to share.  And to those that have not: Please allow this to act as a formal invitation to join me in the journey that is my life which I anchor around food but that will branch out into a multitude of outlets that will be provocative, educational and spiritually refreshing.

Posts will maintain a strict upload schedule appearing weekly each Monday with the purpose of documenting the weekly happenings.  You will also find supplemental content of all varieties scattered between these posts as appropriate.  Again, thank you for your support as I provide you with my perspective on life.

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